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H=Hammenhög(SW-Weibulls) DG(HSC)= Doug Grant   PI=USDA  Pep&Max=Gatersleben  GN(HSC)=Garth Neal  V=Victor   L=Loy   Welbaum GM=George Moriarty JS=Johnny's Selected Seeds  Lock=Lockhart Seeds, Inc.  HU=Hungnong  R=Rogers/NK(Syngenta).   Peto (Seminis). SAKATA. TAKII. Rupp. Harris Seeds. Stokes. Hollar  Seeds by Design(SbD)  Siegers. HarrisMoran(HM)   A&C=Abbott&Cobb   Mikado Kyowa(Kyowa)  Terranova(Ter) Gautier Semences (GS) NE Seed(NE) Clemente (Cl). Enza Zaden (EZ) Semenco AB (se) PanAm (PA)

This is a list of lines that are to be tested or they have been tested.(20190518). Some lines might not be available and some new ones might be on the way.*=F1 Hybrids

*=F1 Hybrids




Cucurbita maxima


Max77/1981  Golden Hubbard (MB) (Lock) 105 days. Much smaller than most Hubbards. Good eating quality. Keeps well. Size 9“ x 11“ diameter and weighs up to 10 lbs. The fruit shape is oval, pointed at blossom end and rounded at the stem end. The rind is lightly warted  orange with tan stripes. The flesh is deep orange, dry and tender. The plant is a vine type..  Does well in most seasons.


Red Warren (DG) Rough red top around handle and large button on the bottom. Very attractive.


Banana  (BM).  Pink Banana Jumbo (Lock): 105 days. Much larger than regular Pink Banana. Very popular in California; usually cut in section for fresh market or used for processing. Flesh is of high quality. Distinctively delicious and sweet. Medium storage.   Does well in most seasons.


Zapalito de tronco  Argentina   Bush.   Small green round fruit.  Can eat immature or mature. Does well.


Dansk Jättemelon: Frukterna är stora, runda, något nätade och av gulorange färg. Köttet är gult och av mycket fin kvalitet.  Does well.


Turk Turban (NZ) (Kassie) 100B. (H).(JS): 95 days. A fancy scarlet-red buttercup type squash for decorating. 3-5lbs., 7-9" diam. avg. Prominent blossom end "button" striped silver, green, and white. Does well in most seasons.


Buttercup Bush (K).  Does well in good season.


Uchiki kuri (Takii) (M): Hubbard typeAttractive orange-red rind, almost no ribbed.  Creamy yellow flesh.  Very sweet, nutty flavor. Early maturing. Good for cool areas.  Plant-vine.  Does well.


Nutty Delica  (Takii): Similar to Delica (EBISU) but this variety has more distinct dry and nutty taste.  Good storage ability.  Grows well under low temperature.  1.2 kg in weight.  Semi-globe shape, deep yellow, sweet flesh with smooth dark green rind blotch bright green..  Does well in most season.


Delica  (Takii): No.1 variety in this type. Early. Nutty, sweet taste and delicious.  Very uniform and vigorous grower. Heavy cropper.  1.2 kg a fruit, dark green skin, deep yellow colored flesh.  Flat globe in shape.  Good storage ability. Plant-vine.  Does well in most seasons.


Sweet Mama  (Takii): A.A.S. Award winner. Single vine, bushy type.  1.2 kg per fruit. Dark green skin, deep yellow and very sweet flesh.  Nutty and dry quality.  Short internode.  Good for fruit-setting very close to the center  similar to summer squash type.  Fairly good storage.   Does well.


Japan Cup  (Takii): Extra early, semi-bush type.  Short internode and produces very few lateral vines.  Many female flower setting.  1 kg in weight.  Grey green skin, deep yellow, thick flesh.  Suitable for long storage.  Does well in most seasons.



Tetsukabuto (Takii) (Sakata) C. moschata X C. maxima(Takii) : Easy grower, high yielder. Very popular variety.  2.5 kg a fruit.  Dark green rind, deep yellow flesh.  Sweet and nutty flavor.  Excellent storage.  Nearly round to slightly flattened fruit.  Note: pollinator required.  Needs long warm season.


Gold Nugget  NZ (BM).  Does well in most seasons.


Max26/1988 Blue Hubbard  (M) (BM).  Does well in most seasons.


Blue Kuri (Takii): Blue green skinned.  Yellow, thick and very sweet flesh.  Fruit 1.1 kg each.  Good for early shipping.  Counterpart of Uchiki Kuri


Golden Debut  (Sakata)  A high yielding variety which produces many fruits. It keeps well after harvest. The flesh is less nutty but has an exceptional good flavor, making it suitable for cooking. New 97!


Big Max (Lock):120 days. A distinctive, relatively uniform variety in the winter-squash family, closely related to Mammoth Chili. Refined and attractive appearance for roadside sales. Excellent for carving huge jack-o'-lanterns. Can be used for pies. Fruit size is very large 18" X18" dia and nearly round. Weight can be up to 100 lbs. Skin Color is pinkish orange and slightly rough broad medium ribs. Flesh color is pale orange and the flesh is 3-4"thick and course, somewhat stringy. Large pumpkins, needs long warm season.


Big Moon (PVP 7800067)  (Peto): 120 days; Fruit-large, 18-91 kg., orange; Rind-golden-orange, fairly smooth, wide ribs, Plant-very large vine; Can be used to grow prize-winning, very large pumpkins.  Needs long warm season.


Atlantic Giant (BM) (JS) (Lock): 115 days. The world's record for size. Huge pinkish or orange fruits for fall display. 50 and 100 pounders are commonly grown. Fertile soil, irrigation, wide spacing (70 or more sq. ft (10m2)/plant, and limiting each long vined plant to 1 fruit commonly results in 200-300 pounders(100-150kg) The current world record is an Atlantic Giant of over 800 lbs (400kg). Large seed, avg. 1200-1400/Lb.  Giant orange round pumpkin.  Needs long warm season.


Mammoth Gold (Hollar) Riesenmelon. Type Danska Jättemelon. Does well. 00 from Hollar.


Jättemelon (H). Type Danska Jätte. Does well.


Green prince NZ.  Does well in most seasons. Sweet flesh. No source of seed.


Crown Prince Hybrid NZ.  Does well in some seasons.  Nice sweet meat when mature..


Sweet Grey Hybrid (Ter)NZ. Does well in some season. Nice sweet meat when mature. Mature 14-16 weeks, deep flat shape, slightly ribbed, 25 X16cm size, Slate grey skin, deep orange flesh, 3-5 kg, 7 months storage, 1-2 fruits per plant.


Max52/1987   Queenlands Blue  NZ.  Needs long warm season.


Max51/1982  Triamble  NZ.  Needs long warm season.


Russiya (V)  Does well in good seasons.


Vitamin (V)93  Marble type.  Does well in good seasons.


Green Hubbard (BM) Does well in good season.


Green-striped Cushaw (K) (C. mixta). Small above and bulb with small seed cavity in the bulb. Needs long warm season.


All Season(BM) (MB).  Flat, Golden Nugget type.  Does well.  Can be used mature or immature


Marina de Chiagano.  Shade of darn green.  Turban type.  Needs long warm season.


Autumn cup. Released 1997.NH902(Loy), F1 hybrid, semi bush buttercup type


Prize Winner (SW)(Lock): Giant pumpkin. Best color "huge type". An Atlantic Giant type but maybe 2/3 the size and with brighter orange color. Looks more like a regular pumpkin.


Lumina (Welbaum) (Lock.) 90-100 days. A novel White pumpkin, excellent for both carving and painting. Stores well. Fruit size and shape: 8-10“ high, flattened. Weight: 12 lbs. Skin Color: white and smooth. Flesh is bright orange and thick. (95)


Special Export (Seigers) HSC 97. Kabocha type(NZ) (G) : Buttercup type. (95) Quality kabocha type that lead its class for post harvest storage: Green fruit with slight flattened round shape, average weight 2 kg, Vigorous vine growth habit, Outstanding post harvest storage, High yield potential.


Max 49/1981 Rouge Vif D'Etampes (JS): 115 days. The bright red French pumpkin. "Rouge vif" means "vivid red" This an attractive French variety, actually a squash, for fall display and pies. Shaped flat, looking like a red cheese shell, the fruits average in the 10-15 lbs range. The moderately sweet orange flesh is suited for pumpkin or squash pie, Also know as Cinderella. ORDERED


Early Dri-Crown (G): Grey Hybrid.


Honey Delight (F1) (JS): 95 days. Large Japanese "kabocha" type. The medium-large, avg. 5-6lb. Flattened globe fruits are dark green with most-green stripes. The bright, rich orange flesh cooks up dry, flaky, sweet and delicious. Among the best of the large kabocha type. Stores well. Avg. yield: 3-4 fruits/plant. (96)


Blue Ballet (JS): 95 days. A sweet, scaled down Blue Hubbard. Blue Ballet's smooth skinned, blue-grey fruits are medium size, avg. 4 lbs., with sweet, bright orange, fiberless flesh. Stores well. For roadside stands, specialty markets, and home garden. Avg. yield: 2 fruits/plant. NEW 96!


Criollo Grande Grueso- Zapallo (Argentina) Rough Grey skinned winter squash. Large pumpkin New 97!


Jarrahdale (JS) 100 days. Decorative, grey ribbed fruits. Medium to large. Avg. 6-10 lbs, drum-shaped fruit with heavy, rounded ribs and slate grey skin. Medium sweet, thick orange flesh of good quality. Long storage. A most appealing squash for fall retain displays and both decorative and food use. Once carried by Yates Co. of Australia., it has since been maintained by amateur seed savers. New 97!


Ambercup F1 (JS) 95 days. Scarlet kabocha. A buttonless kabocha type with appealing bright, orange-red skin, moderately ribbed. Medium-sweet taste, though not as good as the green or grey-skinned varieties. Stores well. Avg 4—5lbs. Avg. yield: 3-4fuits/plant. New 97!


Imperial Delite (Sakata) Large fruited, winter squash yielding heavy, large fruits. Matures in about 45 days after flowering. Fruit weighs around 3 kg. With distinctive blackish green rind color. Has superior sweetness with high sugar content of 14% in Brix. Quite nutty textures which has high dry matter content. Heat and drought tolerant, a very vigorous, easy grower. New 97!


Tasty Delite (Sakata) A vigorous grower with good fruit settings. Large fruited like Delica with darker green rind color, nutty flavor and texture. Deeper yellow color of flesh. New 97!


Eden Green Hybrid (DG) Yates buttonless Green Buttercup. New 97!


Pumpkin Eden White Hybrid (DG) Yates white pumpkin. New 97!


(2229) Louie's Red F1 (DG) New 97! Smooth red round pumpkin with button bottom


HSC 103 (DG).Large, light grey coloured hybrids with thick orange flesh with small seed cavities. Both hybrids have a very good storage. Fruits 6kg to 7 kg in size.


HSC 106. (DG). Autumn Crown 99!Grey fruited type hybrid with large uniform shape 3.5 kg to 4.5 kg. Flattened-round shape with deep orange flesh. Fruits have sweet flesh with excellent storage.


INVINCIBLE  HSC 113 (HSC). Enhanced Storage Grey Fruited Hybrid: Nine month storage potential, Semi-bush plant habit allows increased population density with higher yield potential, slightly flattened 5 kilo fruits, uniform fruit size.


CHA-CHA (F1) (JS) (95 days) Best eating mid-size kabocha. Dark green, slightly flat-round, medium size. Svg. 4-5 lb. Fruits similar to Hokkori. Perhaps the best eating kabocha, with bright orange flesh that cooks up dry, flaky, sweet and delicious. Long storage potential. Avg. yield: 3-4 fruits/plant. Avg. 2500 seeds/lb. New 99! 2490/lb


Valenciano (JS) (110 days). Snow white skin. Clearly the whitest pumpkin, great for painting. Medium size, flatened, avg. 11-15" diam x 6-8" tall, slightly ribbed, with a smooth white skin. Thick orange flesh, suitable for pies. Avg. 4000 seeds/lb. New 99!


Little Gem (Vessey's) (80 days) A very poplar miniature Golden Hubbard type squash. Vigorous vines set numerous 3-5lb. Fruit. Flesh is thick, dry and flavorful and fine grained. Excellent for pies or vegetable use. Good storage capabilities. New 99!


Casper (Stokes). 90 days. Smooth pure white skin (no blue tinge) 8 x 10 in./20 x 25 cm, flat /round fruit average 10 lbs./5 kg. Trialed to growers in 1996 as "Blanco". New 99!


Aladdins Turban. (H) Högbyggd, Orange,grön/gul /röd. Liten randig turban. New 99!


HSC 124 (DG) New 99! White seeded. R. X. GD F1?


HSC 129 (DG) New 99! Orange seeded. Very attractive, medium sizes, bright red coloured fruits 2 kg to 2.5 kg. Flesh is thick, smooth, sweet and deep orange coloured.


Mini Red Turban (H)   New 99! (Stokes).(Siegers480021)(JS2644G) Similar to Aladdin but without a striped cap. Turban is pure scarlet, body is white.


Strawberry (Louie's Pumpkin Patch) Shape and color of a strawberry. New 99


Navel (Louie-s Pumpkin Patch) a small round red and green with a small navel. Very decorative! New 99!


Blue Magic F1 (Rupp) 5x6" a5-7# Blue/Gray, Vine. A exciting new miniature hybrid Blue Hubbard for those that love the hubbard flavor but are overwhelmed with the normal Blue Hubbard size. Has a true hubbard shape. An exciting squash for ornamental value as well. New 00!


Orange Dawn F1 (Rupp) 6x4", 2#, Lt. Orange, Vine. A new orange buttercup with a small button. Flesh is bright orange with good eating quality. High yields of fruit with excellent shelf life. New 00!


No. 10 (Sakata) Vigorous plant and low temperatures elongate habit with a large sized fruit. Produces approx. 2 kgs sized fruits in oblate shape. Thick flesh with impressively deep yellow color and nutty flavor. New 00!


Super Delite (No. 11) (Sakata) Vigorous plant and low temperatures elongate habit. Very nutty texture with extremely sweet taste. Grows well under excess moisture condition. New 00!


Baby Blue. (Rupp) 90 days. Fruit size: 5" x 6". Weight 3 lbs. Color: Grayish Blue. Habit: Vine. Flattened to round in shape, grayish blue skin, yellow flesh, Good flavor when cooked. (New 2001) .


Baby Green (Rupp) 90 days. Fruit size: 5" x 6". Weight 3 lbs. Color: Medium Green Habit: Vine. A small green hubbard that has been around for many years. Teardrop shaped, typical hubbard flesh quality.(New 2001)


Tiny Turk. (Rupp) 100 days. Weight: 1½-3 lbs. Multi Colored Vine. A miniature selection of turks turban. Color and shape very similar. (New 2001)


Mini Green Hubbard. (Stokes) 100 days. A smaller improved version of Kitchenette Hubbard. Same shape, exterior and texture as Hubbard improved Green- but 1/3 the size. Medium green, average 2½lbs. /1kg. Stokes Exclusive. (New 2001)  


Mini Orange Hubbard. (Stokes) 100 days. (F1 hybrid). Similar in size and shape to the Mini Green. Dark orange fruit average 2½ lbs./1kg. Excellent taste and texture!  Stokes exclusive. (New 2001)


Sweet Meat: (GL) Grey, very nice sweet flesh.


Grey Ghost HSC 126 (GN) (Siegers) Grey fruited crown type hybrid with very long keeping qualities. Fruits have deep orange flesh and a small seed cavity size. Fruits are very uniform in appearance and 4kg to 4.5kg in size New 2001!


HSC 127 (GN) Hybrid with light orange skin colour and deep orange flesh, 3kg to 4kg in size. Very uniform in appearance. New 2002!


HSC 135. (GN) Red winter squash (golden delicious type) New 2002!


Cushaw Gold Striped (C. mixta) (Rupp) 110 days. Large Curved Neck. 5-10lbs. Gold/Dark Gold Strips. Vine. Beautiful bright orange squash. Same flesh qualities as other cushaw types. New 2002!



First Prize (Rupp) 120 days. Large: 50-200 lbs. Light Orange Vine: Very Large. A new hybrid in the Prizewinner category. For display and giant pumpkin sales.




Dulce De Horno (Buen Gusto) (Rocalba, Spain) Calabaza. Sweet oven pumpkin (Good taste). A variety, which yields round, flattened, dark green fruit with very warty rind. Abundant and vigorous vegetation. The flesh is an orange yellow colour, which is used in cooking and baked in the oven as a dessert. Cultivation: deep rich soil. Keep humidity constant but not excessive (03).


Honig Kürbis (Penny) Grey sweet.


Zapallito (Penny) like zapallito de tronco (02)


T-133 (Takii) Kabocha type Delica, but sweeter. (02)


Red Warty Thing. (Rupp) 110 days. 14” (35cm)  20 lbs (9kg) Bright Orange/ Warted, large vine. A variety from the U.S. Seed Bank that has appearance that is well suited as an unusual addition for the decoration market. Good eating Hubbard type flesh, very hard, thick rind. (03)


1. HN 23504 (HN)(Seminis) vine, KABOCHA type green skin 2.2 kg. This vine type winter squash hybrid thrives well even in poor soils and this suitable for cultivation in place where most other cucurbits cannot be safely grown. Fruit can be stored for a long time after harvest, possible over the winter. (03)


Prikornevaya. (V) Early. Good for mechanized harvesting. Good for oil extraction. White seeded. (03)


Stolovaya Zimnaya A-5. (V) Late. High yielding. Resistant to diseases. Good for transportation. Orange seeded. (03)


Lazurnaya. (V) Late. Good long storage. Transportable. (03)


Jamboree (Seminis) small orange seeded. (03) Jarrahdale type edible pumpkin, ridged blue-grey fruit, high quality flesh, vigorous vine, some polyvirus resistance (typical of Australia, South Africa, & Chile)


Sunshine kabocha squash. (JS2998) This unique bright orange skinned squash is Johnny’s latest AAS winner. It has a slightly oblate (flattened round) shape that weighs three to four pounds. The flesh is thick, bright orange with an average brix of 14-16 degrees and an average dry matter of 16 to 18%. It has a sweet and nutty flavor with a smooth and stringless texture when cooked and can also be eaten raw. New 2004!


Georgia Candy Roaster (Rupp42948) 110 days. 2½-3’ long, pink orange, vine. A long, narrow fruited heirloom that is known for its outstanding baking quality. One of the sweetest and tastiest. New 2004!


One Too Many (Rupp42961) 110 days. 20 lbs, white with red veins, large vine. A new Rupp product with outstanding potential for decorative use developed through cross species breeding work. Fruity are 75% round with about 25% oblong fruit. Good mildew tolerance plus some virus tolerance. New 2004!


Tricolor Cushaw (C. argyrosperma)(Harris1826) 110 days. Large, vigorous vines produce Cushaw fruit that have a unique green, white and gold variegated color A few fruit will be bicolored or solid in color but all have light cream-colored flesh that is slightly sweet and firm. The fruit average 10-15 lbs. And have long curved neck and an 8-10” wide bulb at the end. A great winter squash for pies. New 2004!


Bonbon (F1) (JS 2996) 95 days. Delicious new Buttercup. 2005 All-America Selections Winner bred by Johnny’s Improved taste, uniformity, and yield compared with other buttercup varieties. Bonbon has the classic appearance of the perfect buttercup squash: deep green smooth skin, and a prominent grey “button” at the base. Weight avg. 4- 5 lb ., the same or slightly larger than Buttercup Burgess Strain. Avg. 4 fruit/plant. New 2005!


Bonbon (F1) (JS 2996) 95 days. Delicious new Buttercup. 2005 All-America Selections Winner bred by Johnny’s Improved taste, uniformity, and yield compared with other buttercup varieties. Bonbon has the classic appearance of the perfect buttercup squash: deep green smooth skin, and a prominent grey “button” at the base. Weight avg. 4- 5 lb ., the same or slightly larger than Buttercup Burgess Strain. Avg. 4 fruit/plant. New 2005!


Toughman No. 12 (Tetsukabuto) (Kyowa) Long shelf Life Heavy Yielder. A Cucurbita maxima X C. moschata hybrid bred to overcome tough growing conditions. The extremely vigorous plant produces many dark green skinned fruits weighing about 2 kg . Very adapted to long distance transportation and extended storage. Flesh is orange yellow, sweet and tasty. TOUGHMAN needs to be planted with at least 10 % pollinator (C. maxima) mix. Maturity is ca. 60 days from transplanting. Fruit shape is Semi Flat. Skin color is Very Dark Green. It has disease tolerance to Powdery Mildew and Downey Mildew. New 2005!


Orange Princess. (Kyowa) Processor type. Deep orange skin and flesh color is very attractive. Suited for both processing and fresh market. Easy to grow and produces about 1.6 kg fruit. Maturity is ca. 50 days from transplanting. Fruit shape is Semi Flat. Disease tolerance to Powdery Mildew and some to Downey Mildew. New 2006!


Snow White. (Kyowa) White skinned. Maturity is ca. 55 days after transplanting. Weight is usually 1.6- 1.8 kg . The fruit is semi flat. It has tolerance to Powdery Mildew and some to Downy Mildew. New 2006!


Sun Spot (Rupp 42966).  75 days to Maturity. Fruit size: 6 X 4” . Weight: 1½ lbs. Color is dark red. Small vine growth habit. A new Rupp developed dark red buttercup hybrid with excellent dry flesh and fruit size that is excellent for today’s small household. Early dark orange tasty flesh. An excellent replacement for Gold Nugget.


Orange Cutie (Sieger’s 890080) (HSC 140) C36 95 days. Bright Red-Orange, 1.5- 1.75 lbs .  Bush. Attractive miniature buttercups are cute and delicious! High number of fruits per plant increases yield potential. (07)


Red October (Sieger’s 890107)  (HSC 131) C48 95-105 days. Bright Red-Orange. 5- 6 lbs . Vine. Fantastic bright red-orange color in a unique hybrid hubbard that is a perfectly uniform size for today’s markets. Complements Blue and Green Magic. (07)


Early Jarrah (HSC C23) (HSC 128) Early grey or crown type. (07) Same as *2272. Special grey fruit type with larger fruit size: High yield potential, good storage, Slightly flattened 7 to 10kg fruit, some tolerance to powdery mildew.


Speckled Hound F1 Pumpkin, Specialty (JS 2506) Days to maturity or bloom: 95-100. Orange with green splotches. Yellow-orange, thick, dense flesh with dry matter. Oblate shape with shallow ribbing. Avg. 3-6 lb. Avg. 8 fruits/plant. Avg. 1,900 seeds/lb. (new 2011)


Hubba Hubba (Seigers 890092) 95 days. Bright Orange, 2-2.25 lbs., Bush, Unique,  attractive miniature hubbards! Bush plants produce lots of fruits each, for maximum yields and profits. New 2012!


Tudor Prince. (HSC 148) Grey. New 2012!


Windsor. (HSC 149) Grey. New 2012!


Vesuvio F1 (Weibulls 8084) Incredibly delicious pumpkin / squash with good durability and a smaller, manageable size, about 800 grams. God att gratinera, gärna tillsammans med ost- och köttfärsfyllning. It is good when baked in a gratin dish, preferably with cheese and ground beef filling. New 2013!


Kroshka, ekofrö (Runåbergs fröer 3880 )Den sötaste vintersquash vi hittat. Den ger en ljusgrå frukt på 2-3 kg. med ett tjockt, orange kött av bästa kvalitet. Sorten är rankande och ger 2-3 plattrunda frukter per planta. Kroshka är ett fynd...


Shokichi Green (F1) Squash Seed (JS Product ID:3908) Attractive, mini kabocha                                     Small green fruit with lighter stripes makes a perfect single serving at ½ - 1¼ lb. Very good flavor and texture. Its diminutive size allows it to double as a table-top ornamental. Avg. yield: 5-7 fruit/plant. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb.


Shokichi Shiro (Grey) (F1)(Semenco) Squash Seed (JS Product ID:3909) Attractive, mini kabocha Small, light gray fruit makes a perfect single serving at ½ - 1¼ lb. Its diminutive size allows it to double as a table-top ornamental. Very good flavor and texture. Avg. yield: 5-7 fruit/plant. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb. New 2018





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