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Welcome to Louie's Pumpkin Patch!

Harvest Time


Pumpkin recipes (in Swedish), pdf

Harvest Festival at Rörs Bygdegård Hall - 2017

September 23 - 24, 2017


Harvest Festival Around Lake Östen - Program 2017

Map to Rörs Bygdegård



See what's happening in the pumpkin patch in 2017

See all the varieties planted last year

List of new varieties for 2015


Grower Profile from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Harvest Festival at Rörs Bygdegård Hall - 2016

September 24 - 25, 2016

Click here to see pictures from the harvest festival 2016


Harvest Festival at Rörs Bygdegård Hall - 2015

September 26 - 27, 2015

Click here to see pictures from the harvest festival 2015


Harvest Festival at Rörs Bygdegård Hall - 2014

September 27 - 28, 2014

Click here to see pictures from the harvest festival 2014


Harvest Festival at Rörs Bygdegård Hall - 2013

Click here to see pictures from the harvest festival 2013



Harvest Festival at Rörs Bygdegård Hall - 2011

  Before                                                                             After




Pictures from 2016 in the pumpkin patch


Pictures from 2015 in the pumpkin patch


Pictures from 2014 in the pumpkin patch


Pictures from 2013 in the pumpkin patch


Pictures from 2012 in the pumpkin patch


Pictures from 2011 in the pumpkin patch

Check out the new C. pepo varieties found in the patch in 2011

Check out the new C. maxima variety found in the patch in 2011



This is what it looked like 2010!





gresskarboka.jpg (134117 byte)

We visited Inger Johanne and Arne Ulfeng in Fredrikstad, Norway. They recently published a book about pumpkins and squash with good recipes and wonderful pictures. It is only in Norwegian, but if you're interested, contact them at arneulfeng@gmail.com or visit "Gresskarfarmen" (pumpkin patch in Norwegian).



Seeds of many of the cultivars of squash and pumpkins shown on Louie's Pumpkin Patch homepage are available from 

Semenco AB

Please make your request to:

Charlotte Carrwik
Semenco AB
Brovallavägen 105
SE-261 76 Asmundtorp, Sweden. 

E-mail charlotte.carrwik@semenco.se  
Phone: +46 418 490453
Fax: + 418 431852 
Mobile phone: +46 708 670 941



Read about pumpkin history here .

Read about pumpkin fun facts and trivia here.


In Sweden we plant after risk for frost, usually around May 15. Check what Johnny's Selected Seeds recommends for pumpkins and winter squash.




Our Mission:

Our goal is to introduce pumpkins and squash into Swedish cuisine. This is done by growing, demonstrating, and exhibiting many different varieties of pumpkins and squash.



Profile – Louis Lehmann:

A little about myself
My hobby is growing squash and pumpkins. I'm an American who brought this hobby with me to Sweden, along with my wife Myra and daughter Kassie in 1972. By profession I have been a plant breeder working mainly with cereals. In 2001 I had more than 150 different varieties, which I have received from all over the world. I have been having trials here in Sweden since 1973. I have trialed about 580 varieties and experimentals of squash, pumpkins and gourds.  I have also trialed about 35 varieties of ornamental and sweet corn. At present I am usually trialing about 70 varieties of squash, pumpkins and gourds. I am also trialing about 7 varieties of sweet corn.

These trials have been mainly for selecting early types that do well here. It is also very interesting to see the variation occurring in Cucurbita. I had along with a friend been trying for many years to introduce various types of summer squash, winter squash, and pumpkins into the Swedish diet. This went very slowly, but one can see today the greater variation found in the supermarkets. We've also been trying to get more farmers and households to grow a larger variety of squashes and pumpkins. Halloween has become very popular here. My main interest has however been in gourmet types.

Louie--big pumpkins.jpg (58288 byte)    Louie--prize-winning pumpkins.jpg (55136 byte)    I began my interest for pumpkins in 4H in California as a kid.


See the Progress Reports which were sent to participating seed suppliers.

See Where is Sweden? This is a paper presented at the "Cucurbitaceae 2000" held in Israel March 19-23, 2000. This describes some of our work and results.


Available only in Swedish (endast på svenska):
I have also written an article published in the Journal of the Swedish Seed Association, Vol 3:97-107. There are several pictures of me and my pumpkins, along with information about the varieties of Cucurbita that can be grown in Sweden. There are tips on how to grow pumpkins as well as how to use them, including several delicious recipes. The nutritional values of different varities of pumpkins and squash are compared to other vegetables.
Cucurbita i Sverige och världen


Baby food:

Our granddaughter thinks Grandpa's grey winter squash developed in New Zealand by Hybrid Seed Company New Zealand Ltd (www.hybridseed.co.nz) is very sweet. Notice that her dish is empty and she is showing off her two new front teeth. Her bib says, "I love Grandpa". 

After cooking, mix in blender until smooth. Add nothing -- it is already sweet and full of vitamin A.

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